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Following the student art show this weekend, I’ve been thinking a lot about art education and how we learn this marvelous thing we call art. My thoughts quickly went back to a recent conversation with a former schoolmate. But before I get to that, let me digress a bit and share a few thoughts about my personal journey toward becoming an artist.

I often lament the fact that I am self-taught.  The pastel portrait workshop I attended and the lessons I’ve followed on The Virtual Instructor website are the closest I’ve come to having any actual art instruction. I do think of myself as an art student, but one who is completely home-schooled without benefit of any formal standards. I create my curriculum based both upon my needs and my desires in art. I do a lot of what I love, and then for good measure, I…

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deep yellow flowers like abstract mottled image with fluid bended lines in dominant yellow tones.
PP Art

PP Art: Photography Painting Art

green and yellow abstract flowery meadow with red flowers and abstract floating flower shapes pattern
green and yellow abstract flowery meadow with red flowers and abstract floating flower shapes pattern

What does PP Art mean? It is a fusion between the art of photography and that of painting.

In October 2018 Bruno Paolo Benedetti, photographer, and I,  decided to develop a new artistic flow by fusing our arts into an innovative artistic production that we have named “PP Art”.

Photography Painting Art is the result of a process of manipulation of photos of paintings and digital art photographs. Through the fusion of these two different art products, a brand new artwork is born.

The outcome is an impressive artwork where both the fused visual arts create a new more stunning image where colors and shapes are mixed in an innovative and unique  way.

The resulting abstract images  are made of fluid floating shapes and straight or bended lines, of circles and concentric shapes, of vivid lights and shadows, of allusions to human faces or figures and they are made of bright an soft tones of colors and shades,  giving the watcher many suggestions for her/his imagination and creativity.

The PP Art (Photography Painting Art) fused artworks introduce the observer to an inner celestial world made by sensations, emotions, feelings, by evoking questions and ancestral images with a strong religious inspiration.

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