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Following the student art show this weekend, I’ve been thinking a lot about art education and how we learn this marvelous thing we call art. My thoughts quickly went back to a recent conversation with a former schoolmate. But before I get to that, let me digress a bit and share a few thoughts about my personal journey toward becoming an artist.

I often lament the fact that I am self-taught.  The pastel portrait workshop I attended and the lessons I’ve followed on The Virtual Instructor website are the closest I’ve come to having any actual art instruction. I do think of myself as an art student, but one who is completely home-schooled without benefit of any formal standards. I create my curriculum based both upon my needs and my desires in art. I do a lot of what I love, and then for good measure, I…

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the whole painting for PPP piceces painting project
Abstract Paintings, pieces painting project

PPP: Pieces Painting Project

the whole painting for PPP piceces painting project
The whole painting Light Blue Abstract for PPP Piceces Painting Project before cutting

Connecting people who live in different parts of the world is nowadays possible thanks to the media.  It is possible to share and to find information, to keep in touch, to help those who need it through a telephone call, and so on.

My PPProject is also conceived to create connections between people, but on a different basis.

It consists in creating a painting and then in dividing it and cutting it in several pieces, so that each buyer will own a different part of the artwork.

As I said, the aim of my PPP is to connect people, but from an inner point of view, that is, through the creation of a link based on the energetic interaction between those who own a piece of the artwork, who live far away from each other and who probably don’t even know each other.

Moreover, the common or different sensations and feelings that come from within and that arise from each different but common single part of the artwork owned, when put  together, just like for the pieces of the painting to recompose the original painting, create a unity, a wholeness.  It is a reflection of humankind, that is, human beings who, with their differences and peculiarities, are all one and necessary to create a wholeness, just like in nature, where every element works with a view to the whole.

pieces paintintg grid
all the pieces paintings in the grid with each piece numbered after cutting

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