fluid floating shapes

A Universal Message

“I know and I admire the art of our capable and prepared artist:  Barbara Stamegna…, an artist ready for the big jump in the tough world of contemporary art.  Her palette is rich and full of cultural values, her layout is all personal, the interest of national critics in her painting leads us to believe that she’s a painter capable to make the news with her art…In each painting you can note with pleasure the growth in interpretation of all her creations.  In each of her artworks you can see the extent of inspiration, blending the whole in an expressive fantasy.  Her paintings, permeated with far reaching cultural, ethical and human values, make universal the message of this fascinating and very valuable art.  My full approval, with the wish of great success in the art world.”

Prof.  Giovanni Mazzetti

International Art Critic and member of the jury of the Venice Biennale