Miniature Paintings

Multicolored abstract-impressionistic mountain view image
Multicolored abstract-impressionistic mountain view image in green, black, red, orange, yellow, light brown, blue, light blue and white colors.

The miniature paintings, or Miniaturart,  you find in this section are made of tempera colors on small size colored cardboards.

They represent abstract impressionistic and figurative modern images with subjects of nature or abstract subjects. Read more…

  1. Windy Landscape Abstraction
  2. Mountain View Impression
  3. Floating Feathers Impression
  4. Abstract Round Concentric Shapes
  5. Wild Flowers Impression
  6. Twisting Nature Abstraction
  7. Soft Swirling Flowers
  8. Abstract Multicolored Swirls
  9. Flower Garden Composition
  10. Natural Swirls on Pink
  11. Bright Colors Movement Abstraction
  12. Yellow Movement Abstract
  13. Savage Flower in Meadow Abstraction
  14. Swirling Curls Abstraction
  15. Abstract Multicolored Spirals
  16. Green Meadow with Flowers
  17. Round Shapes Abstract
  18. Fluid Universe Abstract
  19. Fluid Geometric Abstract Art
  20. Colorful Floral Abstraction Art
  21. Flower Abstract on Yellow Background
  22. Soft Tones Flower Abstract
  23. Abstract Converging Lines on Yellow
  24. Abstract White Swirls on Mottled Background
  25. Abstract Multicolored Flowers on Green
  26. Abstract Fluid Flower Composition
  27. Acquatic Plant Abstract
  28. Colored Whirlpool Shapes Abstract
  29. Confluence Shape Abstraction
  30. Fire Vortex Abstraction
  31. Flaming Vortex Abstract
  32. Purple and Orange Shades Abstraction
  33. Abstract Orange Flower on Fluid Background
  34. Fluid Flower Composition Abstraction
  35. Abstract Concentric Movements
  36. Fluid Moving Elements Abstract
  37. Energetic Vortex Abstract Art
  38. Dominant Green Fluid Abstract Elements