Conceptual Symbolic Paintings

Abstract image of an angel and a human being waiting for judgement
Painting: Abstract image in dark red, orange,white,pink,yellow colors of an angel and a human being waiting for judgement on black enamel background.

These paintings are characterised by the representation of abstract figures with strong color contrasts depicting natural beings, religious archetypes or myths that sometimes draw the viewer’s attention to issues of universal value.

Most of the following paintings are characterised by high constrasted tones and are realised on a base of black enamel background.

Moreover, some of them may be either hanged vertically or horizontally in accordance with the watcher’s point of view.

  1. The Angel of Judgement:  the Waiting
  2. The Butterly
  3. Red Flower
  4. Sun/Moon
  5. Feeling Calm
  6. Warming up on a Heat Spring
  7. Latent Energy
  8. Energy Breakthrough
  9. Symbolic Rest
  10. Abstract Wavy Sea
  11. Wings of Blame
  12. Symbolic Living Space
  13. The Birth Abstraction
  14. Symbolic Primordial Connection
  15. Abstract Meeting Point
  16. What is it-Abstract Alien Figure
  17. The Symbolic Outset