adhesive mural print in blue color with abstract floral pattern
applied art

BBS Art Production for Applied Art

adhesive mural print in blue color with abstract floral pattern
adhesive mural print in blue color with abstract floral pattern

Barbara Stamegna, together with Bruno Paolo Benedetti, is the founder and images creator of BBS ART, a brand of Enterprise Art, that works in the art industry for the production of abstract art images to be used to enhance the look of common and private indoor spaces.

Our customers include Halifax Vogel from Australia e Tiffany & Co from New York.

In particular our art production, to be also used for commercial and editorial purposes, is meant to change the look and to enhance common and private spaces of cruise ships, hotels, and commercial and private properties.

It ranges from original paintings on canvas or other supports, to the image prints on HD or brushed metal, wood, canvas, acrylic, artistic paper and posters, as well as on murals, cushions, pillows, duvets, clocks and other items for Home Décor.

Our image production is also meant to be applied to fabric, clothes, bags and different types of items as laptop and phone skins, stationery, stickers, etc.

Please find here below Barbara Stamegna’s applied art production grouped in six main sections with a brief description:

WALL ART and MURALS: adhesive wall murals, posters, canvas, photographic prints, artboard and art prints, framed prints, metal and wood prints, etc.

HOME DÉCOR:  classic and travel mugs, shower curtains, throw and floor pillows, coasters, acrylic blocks, duvet covers, wall tapestry, clocks, etc.

CLOTHES:  women’s t-shirts, racerback tank tops, sweatshirts and hoodies, dresses, mini skirts, leggings, scarves; man’s t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies and tank tops; kid’s and baby’s t-shirts, short and long sleeve baby one-piece, pullover hoodies, etc.

DEVICE AND PHONE CASES: iPhone cases, covers and wallets, Galaxy and iPad cases and skins, laptop skins and sleeves.

STATIONARY and STICKERS:  greeting cards, postcards, spiral notebooks, hardcover journals, stickers, glossy and transparent stickers.

All ACCESSORIES: drawstring and tote bags, scarves, travel mugs, zipper pouches, water bottles, socks, phone cases and skins, etc.

Here below you can find an example of bedroom interior with BBS Art Adhesive Wall Mural, a throw pillow and a bed comforter with the same water like floral pattern…


In the following images you can see an example of BBS Art production for laptop and iPad case skins with the same trendy rainbow colored shapes pattern…

You can see here below an example of an office interior space with BBS Art Adhesive Wall Mural and some stationary useful office work items with the same rising fluid energy pattern…

abstract rising fluid energy pattern office
abstract rising fluid energy pattern office


In the following pictures you can see the interior space of a meeting room with an original but sober design, with a BBS Art Adhesive Wall Mural, a wall clock and a classic coffee mug with the same shining vortex pattern…


Down below  you can see an example of BBS Art production for man lightweight hoodie and a drawstring bag with the same matching  abstract fluid objects pattern…for a perfect casual occasion!













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