Multicolored impressionistic flowers image
miniature paintings

Miniature Paintings

Colored whirlpool shapes abstract image with concentric lines and spots of color
Colored whirlpool shapes abstract image with concentric lines and spots of color in tones of red, yellow, green, blue, orange and white colors.

Beauty Spots

My new artistic flow takes shape with the creation of miniature paintings or miniaturart.  What made me start this artistic flow?… Sometimes art isn‘t accessible to all for several reasons. That’s why many people cannot enjoy what art can give:  the essence of colors, the underlying emotions and inner suggestions, the flying of imagination and how it takes form, the vibration of the inner soul and the trigging of new positive feelings…that is….emotions which seem to decline  and disappear in the nowadays society and with the modern lifestyle.

The paintings you find in this collection are made of tempera colors on small size colored cardboards.  They represent abstract impressionistic and figurative modern images with subjects of nature or abstract subjects.

These miniature paintings or miniaturart, are suitable to be located in all kind of big or small interior spaces  and can be easily placed on a table in a frame or hanged on a wall.  Moreover, the materials used made possible the creation of miniature paintings with a different saturation of colors that can easily capture the eyes attention.

The small size of these paintings make these artworks accessible also economically to everybody.

See my miniature paintings

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