Bright orange and red floating shapes
Abstract Paintings, Conceptual Symbolic Paintings, Figurative Paintings

About my paintings…

My paintings are exhibited at the Municipality of Cranston (Rhode Island – USA) and in private collections in Los Angeles (California – U.S.A.), as well as in the National Museum Gli Etruschi of Livorno (Italy) and in Italian private collections.  National and local newspapers and magazines  as: Il Messaggero, Il Tempo, Arte (Cairo Editore), Il Resto del Carlino, Corriere Adriatico, Voce Misena, Il Tirreno, Latina Oggi, Il Corriere Laziale, L’Inchiesta, Corriere del Sud Lazio, Gaeta Bay Gazette, Il Resto, Accademia, Confronto, Golfosport wrote about my paintings as well as of my awards.

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